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"The 5 Minute Difference"

We get it. The idea of needing a tutor can sometimes be returned with hesitation, confusion, or anger from your student. This is normal. 

Our tutors at Apiary Academics are trying to change the stigma and emotions that sometimes follow with attending a tutoring session. The first step of combatting this is to establish a comfortable relationship between student and tutor. We strongly believe that every client we work with deserves to have their knowledge fostered. We strive to meet the needs of your student on a holistic level and invest time into not just their educational growth, but their personal growth as well. This is what we call The 5 Minute Difference. 

Whether it is set as a dedicated time in the first 5 minutes of every session, or split time spread across the hour, we always take moments to ask our students about themselves outside of being "a tutored kid". This can manifest in a variety of questions or conversation starters such as, 

  • "What was the best part about your day?"

  • "Tell me about your weekend, anything exciting happen?"

  • "How is your new job going?" 

  • "How did your team do at your sports competition?"

By getting to know your child on a more personal level, we find that it forms a critically beneficial relationship between tutor and student. Plus, we may get to see a cool lego set, a new pet, or a creative art project as an aside in our session. And, we find that pretty special in the caring of the whole person. 

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