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Let's face it. The world is changing. Your tutoring experience should change too. 

Redesigning Education, Your Way

Let's face it. The world is changing. Your tutoring experience should change too. 

The Apiary Difference

customized 1:1 virtual learning

highly esteemed and achieving tutors

Redesigning education, your way, 


"We've had a great experience so far working with Apiary Academics. Our tutor Emily always starts off the sessions with enthusiasm and ask's my daughter what was the best part of her day. It didn't take very long for my daughter to warm right up to Emily and to gain a comfort level working with her. I've been impressed with how aligned our tutor is with my daughter's current curriculum and assess her frequently and provides feedback on where she is tracking. She also uses a unique set of interactive methods to teach online. At first, I thought tutoring via Zoom might be a challenge, but Emily continues to utilize tools and games to drive engagement. I would HIGHLY recommend Apiary Academics to anyone who is looking for extra support for their kiddos!"

"Sometimes I think the COVID online school experiment was the best thing that could have happened to my kids because it made me as a parent start getting more involved in my kids’ learning. Both of my kids have benefited greatly from Apiary Academics.


When I started down the path of finding a tutor I had a couple of things I wanted to accomplish. First, I wanted to determine if they were truly at their grade level. If they weren’t, which they were not I wanted them brought up to their grade level. Essentially I wanted to eliminate any deficiencies caused as a result of the switch from online to back in person so they wouldn’t carry those forward to the next grade. Second, I wanted to get them ahead so that I could raise their level of confidence.


There are choices when deciding on a tutor and I did my research. Just like any parent I wanted to get the most benefit possible for my kids in the allotted time. I did try what I would call a “corporate chain” and I found it to be less flexible and I didn’t get the same level of instruction and I could see that the tutor turnover wasn’t going to work for me.


I am still a client of Apiary Academics, my kids are past their current grade level and as a parent the results my kids are getting are well beyond my initial expectations. "

"Such a great service! Logistics are seamless and our son looks forward to his weekly sessions. He's really proud of all of the math skills he's learning. Highly recommend!"

"Emily engages my children in dynamic ways, encourages them to explore their own reasoning and creativity."

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